DIY 'Do Not Disturb Hat'

If you've seen Eugenia Kim's 'Do Not Disturb' Hat, chances are you want it as badly as I do. The $400 price tag, however is out of my league, so I decided to create my own!  The good news is that this is an easy DIY project and perfect to wear on summer vacation or while lounging at the pool.    

Eugenia Kim Do Not Disturb DIY Hat, Sun Hat, Floppy Hat, Beach Hat
High Waisted RVCA Lazy Leopard Cheeky Bottom, Triangl Bikini, Wildfox Sunglasses, Milkmaid Braids
Triangl Milly New York Noir Bikini // Wildfox Clubfox Sunglasses // RVCA Lazy Leopard Cheeky Bikini Bottom //
Sun Hat, DIY Eugenia Kim Hat, Do Not Disturb Hat, DIY Beach Hat

You Will Need:

1. Straw Hat.  I used this H&M Hat, but I also love this.

2. Sequin Trim 

3. Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

4. Disappearing Ink Pen

Sketch the letters on before gluing the sequin trim onto the hat.  

Sketch the letters on before gluing the sequin trim onto the hat.  


1.  Start by sketching the phrase onto the hat with your disappearing ink pen marker (see more ideas below!).  

2. Using your hot glue gun, trace each letter, gluing 1" at a time.  

3.  Slowly press down the sequins onto the hot glue.  Repeat until you have finished each word.

4.  Wear your hat to the pool or beach and sip on a fruity cocktail!  

DIY Sunhat, Eugenia Kim Do Not Disturb Hat DIY

If you're not into DIY, check out these affordable conversation hats: